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Enjoy history? Want to help share our cultural and natural heritage?

Do you have skills in general construction for grounds & trail work? Or specialized skills in carpentry, electrical installation, masonry, painting, or plastering? Are you a gardener? Or do you do living history impressions?

Help bring Fort Delaware State Park back to life. The Fort Delaware Society is recruiting a Volunteer Brigade that will use your skills and abilities to make a difference at this landmark historic site. If you are interested in volunteering and/or have any questions about planned projects that need your assistance, please contact Society Board Member Jayne McCormick by e-mail at

Jayne has volunteered to serve as the Society's volunteer coordinator. You need not be a member of the Fort Delaware Society to join the Volunteer Brigade.

If you prefer to contact the Society by mail, please click here for a Volunteer Brigade form, fill it out and mail to the Fort Delaware Society, P. O. Box 553, Delaware City, DE 19706.

Volunteer for a day, a week, a month, or the season! Just volunteer!!!!!!!

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A ceremony was held on October 25, 2008 at The Delaware Public Archives to dedicate a large wall painting depicting an imaginary scene of Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox by artist Stanley M. Arthurs of Kenton, Delaware. The ceremony was sponsored and organized by the Central Delaware Civil War Round Table and the Lincoln Club of Delaware. The event was hosted by the Delaware State Archives and the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs. Fort Delaware Society President (now Chairman of the Board of Directors) Bill Robelen was an invited speaker delivering remarks on the subject of the importance of volunteers in today's world of constrained governmental budgets. Bill's prepared remarks are presented below.

Fort Delaware Society Chairman Bill Robelen

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Mayor Carey…Ladies and Gentlemen

How many of you here are volunteers ?… of any kind…in any organization…community…church…historical?

If you didn’t put your hand up…How many of you are being paid to be here?

This is going to be like preaching to the choir.

It has been said that the definition of a volunteer is “someone who didn’t understand the question”.

Where would we be today without volunteers?  Almost every State Park in Delaware has a Friends group.  Civil War Roundtables everywhere are made up of volunteers who refuse to let time erase our past.  The Lincoln Club of Delaware has its own special mission.  The Fort Delaware Society will celebrate its 59th anniversary this coming January.  That’s a long time for a bunch of volunteers to be dedicated to the preservation, protection, promotion and interpretation of the Fort on Pea Patch Island.

Not only do all of us here today do it without pay, it costs us money for the privilege of volunteering  The price of gas alone to participate takes a healthy bite out of our pocketbooks, and many of you travel to other states to participate in special events, which means money for meals and lodging.

If we don’t do it for pay, why do we continue to devote our time and effort to pursue these interests?  I’m sure, if you are anything like me, there are times when you tell yourself that there are other things you could be doing.  But we get up out of our chairs and cut meals short, and turn off the TV, and say goodbye to our spouses and get moving to meetings or events.  All because we perhaps didn’t understand the question.

Without volunteers, very little would get done…  Our state budgets certainly couldn’t include the tremendous expense of salaries required to employ the hundreds of people necessary to all the jobs that volunteers do… And it would be impossible to determine what needed to be done and who would be assigned to do it…  Then there is the cost of the services needed to support all those extra people - payroll, insurance, benefits, supervision, etc.  Not to mention the politics involved as to what areas should have priority. Who among us would be willing to determine that the activities of the Roundtables are more or less important that those of the Friends of White Clay Creek State Park or the various Civil War or Revolutionary War reenactments that are held each year.

The leaders in our society are very well aware of the value of volunteers, and they realize that without us, too many valuable and very necessary activities simply would not get done.  The fact that we are all here today for this dedication ceremony, is a tribute to the dedicated volunteers of the Central Delaware Civil War Roundtable and the Lincoln Society of Delaware. 

We are honored to be with you today representing the Fort Delaware Society.  Are you participating as volunteers because you didn’t understand the question?  I don’t think so.  I believe that you were and are very much aware of what you were asked to do and answered with an unqualified “YES…I’LL DO IT”.

Keep up the good work! And thank you for all that you do!

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