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Limited Edition Fort Delaware Commemorative Coin

A one ounce silver coin (assay 0.999 pure silver) designed by Fort Delaware Society President C. C. Gerow III. Executed in 1969 by the Lombardo Mint, a division of Mississauga Mint, Ontario, Canada.

Obverse: Commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the original Star Fort on Pea Patch Island. Construction of the Star Fort was begun in 1819 and the fort was first garrisoned in 1823. It was destroyed by an accidental fire in 1831 and demolished to make way for construction of the current fort which began in 1848.

Reverse: Commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Fort Delaware Society.

$25.00 plus $1.00 shipping

"Images of America Fort Delaware"

by Laura M. Lee and Brendan Mackie

ISBN 978-0-7385-8590-1 (Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC, 2010)

Paperback, glossy finish, 127 page

Images presented cover the use of Pea Patch Island from 1813 through the end of the 20th Century. A vast majority of this book's images are from the Fort Delaware Society archives. Other images came from collections of Fort Delaware State Park, the Delaware Historical Society, the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs, the Delaware Public Archives, the Gilder Lehrman Institute, the Boston Athenaeum and the Filson Historical Society.

$22.00 plus $3.25 shipping


"Imprisoned for Conscience Sake:

Confederate Pastor Isaac W. K. Handy"

ISBN #1-59442-138-2 (Sprinkle Publications, Harrisonburg, Virginia 2007)

A reprint of the prison diary of the Reverend Isaac W. K. Handy, D. D., a Presbyterian minister from Portsmouth, Virginia who was charged with "disloyalty" and imprisoned at Fort Delaware from July 21, 1863 until October 13, 1864 without trial. Originally published under the title "United States Bonds; or Duress by Federal Authority: A Journal of Current Events During an Imprisonment of Fifteen Months, at Fort Delaware" (Turnbull Brothers, Baltimore, 1874), Dr. Handy's diary presents a detailed day to day account of events and people, (Union, Confederate, and civilians) in the Civil War prison camp on Pea Patch Island.

$40.00 plus $4.50 shipping


"A Fort Delaware Journal: The Diary of a Yankee Private, A. J. Hamilton, 1862-1865."
     Edited by W. Emerson Wilson

Published by the Fort Delaware Society, 1981.  9

7 pages, photos.    

$9.50 plus $2.50 shipping


Fort Delaware Notes

The First 50 Years and  ♦ ♦ The 21st Century ♦ ♦

Updated: A combo package on 2 CDs of all issues of the Fort Delaware Notes from 1950 through 2019 in PDF format. Requires latest Adobe® Reader® software compatible with your PC operating system. Software is free on-line at

$35.00 plus $4.50 shipping

Fort Delaware Notes: The 21st Century

Updated: Issues as published of the Fort Delaware Notes from 2001 through 2019 in PDF format. Includes a synopsis of articles and illustrations. Requires latest Adobe® Reader® software compatible with your PC operating system. Software is free on-line at

$20.00 plus $4.50 shipping


Fort Delaware Notes: The First 50 Years

Digitally scanned images of the issues of the Fort Delaware Notes from 1950 through 2000 in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Standard). Includes a searchable Table of Contents with listing of Photos & Sketches. Requires latest Adobe® Reader® software compatible with your PC operating system. Software is free on-line at

$15.00 plus $4.50 shipping


Catalog of Historical Photographs

A collection of 62 of the most popular photographs in the Society's collection that will be a valuable and informative addition to your library. You may order photographic prints of individual photographs (8x10) using the convenient catalog order form.

$6.00 plus $3.00 shipping

"They Died at Fort Delaware, 1861-1865

Confederate, Union and Civilian"

Compiled by Jocelyn P. Jamison

Published by the Fort Delaware Society, June 1997 (94 pages)

Listing of 2,926 Confederate and 39 civilian prisoners, plus 109 of the 135 Union soldiers who died at the Fort and are now buried in Finns Point National Cemetery across the Delaware River in Salem County, New Jersey.

$11.00 plus $4.00 shipping

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"Pills, Pen & Politics,

The Story of General Leon Jastremski"

by Edward Pinkowski

ISBN 0-9600814-1-0 (published by the Captain Stanislaus Mlotkowski

Memorial Brigade Society, Wilmington, Delaware 19809, 1974)

Leon Jastremski was born in France in 1843 to a Polish father and French mother, and immigrated to Louisiana before 1850. Enlisting in the 10th Louisiana Infantry in July 1861, he rose steadily through the ranks from Corporal to Captain. Captured at Spotsylvania Court House on May 12, 1864, he was sent to Fort Delaware. One of the Immortal 600, he managed to escape upon the return trip to Fort Delaware in March 1865 and returned home to Louisiana.

Privately printed in 1974, the Society is in possession of the few remaining copies of this most interesting biography.

$5.00 plus $4.50 shipping

Past Publications Currently Still Available

"Confederate Prisoners of War at Fort Delaware." 

by Nancy Travis Keene

Delaware History, April 1968. Recollections of their daily lives, suffering and escapes.

$3.50 plus $0.65 shipping  

"Fire in the Hole: The Rearming of Fort Delaware."

by C. Culbert Gerow, III

1988 Society reprint, 22 pages, illustrated. Chronicles the acquisition of an original 32 pounder Columbiad cannon, and its installation and firing from a Fort Delaware casemate.   

$1.00 plus $0.65 shipping 

"Fort Delaware in the Civil War"

by W. Emerson Wilson.

Published by the Society in commemoration of the Civil War Centennial, 16 pages. 

$3.50 plus $0.65 shipping  

"Fort Delaware Prison Times" 

Reproduction of one of two known issues of a newspaper published by POWs late in the war.

Dated April, 1865, 4 handwritten pages.

$1.00 plus $0.65 shipping   

"General M. Jeff Thompson in Fort Delaware."

W. Emerson Wilson, ed. 

Fort Delaware Society, 1972, 20 pages. Manuscript excerpts, letters, poems

 of the famed Missouri "Swamp Fox".

$1.00 plus $0.65 shipping