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Fort Delaware is located on Pea Patch Island in the middle of the Delaware River between Delaware City, Delaware and Fort Mott, New Jersey. Access to Pea Patch Island and Fort Delaware is seasonal and provided by the Three Forts Ferry which is a passenger ferry service [no cars] operated by the Delaware River and Bay Authority. The Three Forts Ferry makes scheduled round trips between Delaware City in Delaware and Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island, and between Pea Patch Island and Fort Mott State Park in New Jersey.

   Questions about (1) ferry scheduling and fees, (2) dates when Pea Patch Island and Fort Delaware are open to the public, and (3) living history programs, group tours, and special events should be directed to Fort Delaware State Park at (302) 834-7941. Visitors are encouraged to make reservations via the new Fort Delaware State Park reservation system on line or by calling to ensure a seat on the Three Forts Ferry. If you are planning to travel any significant distance to visit Fort Delaware and Pea Patch Island, it is strongly recommended that you call ahead to verify that the State Park will be open.

The Three Forts Ferry dock in Delaware City is located at the foot of Clinton Street. The Three Forts Ferry dock at Fort Mott is accessed through the Fort Mott State Park facilities in New Jersey. Visitors to Fort Delaware and Pea Patch Island can board the ferry at either Delaware City or at Fort Mott.

   Be sure that you ask about the day’s ferry schedule to and from Pea Patch Island.

Finns Point National Cemetery is located adjacent to Fort Mott and can be accessed by personal automobile or by a 3/4 mile long walking trail which begins at the foot of the Fort Mott Dock. The cemetery is operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is open to the public on a year round basis.

Questions about access and ferry scheduling between Pea Patch Island and Fort Mott in New Jersey can also be directed to Fort Mott State Park at (856) 935-3218.

   Be sure that you ask about the day’s ferry schedule to and from Pea Patch Island.

Delaware City can be reached by traveling south of Wilmington on US Routes 1 and 13 and traveling east on Delaware State Route 72 and Route 9. Visitors using Interstate 95 should use Exit 4A. East bound on Delaware State Route 9, a left turn at the traffic light in Delaware City will take to you to the boat dock at the foot of Clinton Street.

Fort Mott and Finns Point National Cemetery can be reached by taking the first/last exit on the New Jersey end of the Delaware Memorial Bridge [I-295] and traveling east on New Jersey State Route 49 through Pennsville, New Jersey. A right on Fort Mott Road takes you to Fort Mott, Finns Point National Cemetery, and the Three Forts Ferry dock.

Photos of the Three Forts Ferry Operations

Delaware City Park & Ferry Dock Entrance

"Delafort" at Pea Patch Island Dock

Visitors Boarding "Delafort" at Fort Mott

Leaving Fort Mott Dock

For current information on Park schedules and Living History presentations

  go to   Fort Delaware State Park


Contact our Delaware Legislators!! Let them know you appreciate their continued support for Fort Delaware!

Despite the heroic efforts by the Fort Delaware Society for the first 40 years, there was no way that the mammoth task of restoring the Fort could be accomplished with the limited assets of the Society.  The condition of the Fort today, including the ongoing restoration work and the excellent “Living History” activity programs, is the direct result of the state government recognizing the historical significance of the Fort and the tourism potential it represents. During the past 15 years, the Delaware Legislature has appropriated the necessary funds to accomplish what was only a dream of the Society.  What visitors see while visiting Fort Delaware today is the result of that past commitment, and of a strong on-going commitment.  Any expression of appreciation by letter or personal contact will let the Legislators know how much their support has made a difference to everyone who visits Pea Patch Island and Fort Delaware.

William G. Robelen, 4th


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