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Benefits of Membership

  • You will receive a copy of the annual issue of Fort Delaware Notes. The Notes are initially distributed to Society members at our first meeting of the year, normally held in early February. Those members “in good standing” but not able to attend the winter meeting receive their copy by mail within 4-6 weeks of the meeting. New members joining during the year will receive a copy of the current issue.

  • You will receive copies of the Society’s newsletters (spring and fall) highlighting Society activities.

  • You receive advance notice of General Membership meetings which feature guest speakers making presentations on topics of interest to Society members.

  • But most important, it gives you an opportunity to participate in the planning and implementation of Society projects to foster awareness of historic Fort Delaware, to raise and expend funds for current restoration and interpretive needs, and to conduct on-going research in the history of site, and the stories of soldiers and civilians who worked there, all those who were imprisoned there, and all who died there from 1814 to the present day.

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